Seas. 1 Pilot-Meet The Sims!

Hello and welcome to the first season of Sims Gone Insane! The rules for this lovely challenge are here, if you'd like to see them! I'm your host, Cinnamon! This isn't your typical SIMV show, so let me explain. Each of the contestants have a color, distinguishing them from the rest. That way, it's easier to categorize them as, "Oh, purple and pink are up for elimination." Now, let's meet the lovely contestants!

So, here is our first sim, Mr. Donovan Farmer. He's the orange sim. His traits include snob, neat, genius, and high metabolism. He one day hopes to become a bodybuilder and a personal trainer. He grew up in a very rich family and hopes to continue their traditions with the million dollars he will receive to open up his own gym.

Then we have here Ms. Krysta Hurley, our purple sim. Her traits consist of snob, bro, slob, and essence of flavor. She aspires to one day become a master of mixology. Krysta grew up as a normal girl, but was always annoyed by how her "type" of people always watched low-brow SIMvision and had sparsely decorated houses. Nonetheless, she grew up to want to become a mixologist and own a proper bar. This is why she wants the million dollars.

And now entering the kitchen is Mr. Stephen McIntosh, our green sim. His traits include goofball, insane, materialistic, and domestic. He inspires to have a large family. Stephen grew up as an only child, and his father was a famous comedian. Slowly, his gift of comedy from his father turned into insanity, but he could never find himself to stop talking about all the wonderful things he owned. When he grew up, he realized how much he had yearned for a sibling, and now wants to start an orphanage with the million dollars.

This smiley little lady is Ms. Charlotte McGraw, our pink sim. Her traits are art lover, materialistic, childish, and high metabolism. She wants to be a bodybuilder like Mr. Farmer, and she also wants to own a gym. As a kid, Charlotte's mother was a painter, so she naturally grew accustomed to art. She could never stop bragging about her mother's paintings, but realized that the more she did it, the more childish she became. When she grew older, her mother expected her to paint, but she took an unexpected turn of events when she announced that she wanted to own a gym. Her mother kicked her out, and now she needs the million dollars to show her mother what she can do.

Again, we have a smiley little Kiara Lopes, the blue sim. Her traits are jealous, noncommittal, neat, and muser. She wants to become a bestselling author. She grew up with a neat-freak of a mother, who passed the trait on down to her. But as she got older, she watched as her father walked out on her family, and forever swore to never marry a man. Then, she realized that he left to go find another woman, and she knew that she would keep a close watch on her next man's movements. She wants to write books based on her life, but needs the million dollars to get herself a house, as her family is very poor.

This man with his head in the clouds is Mr. Logan Perales, the yellow sim. His traits are creative, clumsy, neat, and essence of flavor. He one day wants to become a master chef and own a restaurant. Logan grew up with his single father, who was an inventor trying to make his way in the world. He learned to be creative from him, but soon grew up to realize that no matter how much he cleaned up everything, he always seemed to mess something up. So, he decided to instead become a chef. The million dollars will help encourage him to build a restaurant.

This ready-to-flirt-it-up looking man is Mr. Carlton Herron, who is our red sim. His lovely traits are evil, art lover, hates children, and quick learner. He wants to know everything there is to know about a computer. At a young age, his parents were robbed of almost everything they had, except a computer. The tragedy made him rotten, but he searched and searched the internet, hoping to soon find the culprit. As he searched, he developed a love for all the art his mother made to replace the old decor of the house. Upon reaching adulthood, he had found himself hating the children who had teased him all his life. He needs the million dollars to further search for whoever robbed his family.

And last but not least, we have Ms. Camryn Keen, the black sim. Her traits are family oriented, goofball, foodie, and essence of flavor. She aspires to one day become a chef like Mr. Perales. Growing up, her family was seemingly perfect. She loved them and their goofy ways. She loved how good of a cook her mother was, and then realized that she wanted to be one herself. She needs the million dollars to start a bakery so that she can impress her mother.

And there were the lovely sims! But I'm guessing you'd like a house tour, perhaps?

Here is an areal view of the first level of the house. Inside, we have the living room, kitchen, dining room, a bedroom, and a bathroom. All deprived of any skill building objects/electronics etc., as per rules. The two bedrooms outside are the have-not rooms. You see, I'm playing American style. Best at the skill they are trying to build is the HoH, the two people they hate most are the have-nots, The have-not that is hated the most is eliminated. I do find the other way humorous, though, and might have to try it next season. We'll see.

Here is the lovely second floor from an areal perspective. The bedroom with the double bed in it is the HoH room, currently locked to everybody as they try to up their fitness skill with the punching bags. There are three more bathrooms up here, and two more bedrooms. The situation is, if you lock up the HoH and have-not rooms, that only gives you six beds. Well, count the two couches. Those lucky sims who get to nap on 'em!

Thank you for joining us on the pilot episode of the first season of Sims Gone Insane! Who are you rooting for? To be fair, I'll say I'm rooting for Camryn as a female, and Stephen as a male. This is your host, Cinnamon, saying goodnight everyone!