S. 1 Ep. 1-First Impressions

Welcome back to Sims Gone Insane! It's your host, Cinnamon here. So, first week! The challenge is changing from a painting challenge (sims don't autonomously paint all that much) to an athletic challenge! There are eight treadmills outside for the contestants to utilize. In this episode, we cover all the drama that happens over the course of Sunday-Saturday morning, where we will end the episode by finding out who is HoH and who the two unlucky have-nots are!

Donovan: "Stephen, what game is that? It's pretty awesome. Maybe you can tell me when I finish using the bathroom... By myself?"

Stephen: "Oh, it's Blicblock. I'm really close to a new high score! It's so entertaining..."

Donovan: "Please...?!?"

Stephen: "So close to that high score..."

Camryn: "Wait, what did you just say?"

Charlotte: "I said, I was born with naturally pink hair!"

Kiara: "You good Camryn?"

Krysta: I need to get out of here...

Kiara: "Eww, what?!"

Donovan: "I said you look just like a llama. It's a compliment where I come from!"

Kiara: "Well, I'm from Simxico, where I'm not even sure I've seen a llama."

Donovan: "Too bad, they're gorgeous."

Kiara: "Too bad, it's not happening."

Carlton: "Oh no... I hope nobody saw that..."

Charlotte: "Hmph, I'll eat the mac and cheese then."

Logan: "What the plum is that outside the window? Is that a bird?"

Charlotte: Ugh, who the plum does Krysta think she is, wearing that?

Donovan: "I think I see a bug on the wall..."

Krysta: "Ugh... I need more sleep... Hey, where's my spoon?"

Charlotte: "Idiot."

Stephen: Bleh, I don't like her...

Kiara: "These plumming beaches again..."

Krysta: "Oh my gosh, yeah! Finally, someone gets it!"

Krysta: "Oh my god, Logan, mop FASTER!"

Logan: "I'm doing the best I can, ma'am. Isn't it weird that someone peed themselves in the bathroom?"

Krysta: "Nobody. Gives. A plum."

Logan: "Very well then."

Kiara: "This place isn't too bad when you think about it!"

Donovan: "So, that's why my family owns a llama ranch! Now does it make sense, Charlotte?"

Charlotte: "Yeah, okay, okay. Let me finish this delicious strawberry yogurt. I'm feeling a little depressed."

Krysta: "Hey Stephen! I haven't seen you in a while, even though we're in the same house."

Stephen: "Haha, weird. Does my hair look okay? I want your opinion."

Carlton: "I'll just finish my salad of perfection, then."

Kiara: "Maybe just some detail here... There..."

Charlotte: "So, the dog was over at the neighbor's house, on the left..."

Logan: "Okay..."

Camryn: "Oh my god, help me! They're literally blocking off the food source."

Donovan: "I feel like the bomb today..."

Krysta: "Heck yeah! There's a new line of fashion from Simtoria's Secret coming out soon!"

Stephen: "And then you just started mouthing off!"

Kiara: "Yeah, okay, I think it was someone else."

Stephen: "But you are the only one with blue hair..."

Kiara: "Maybe you're just going insane."

Charlotte: "You've got to be kidding me!"

Kiara: "Nope, that's exactly what happened! We were laughing for hours!"

Charlotte: "It sounds so unbelievable though! Oh my gosh!"

Kiara: "Yeah, we knew. We still tell everyone we know, though."

Stephen: "Hey, Carl, you good?"

Carlton: "Yeah, just today feels like a good day, you know?"

Krysta: "Let him be, Steph, he's going insane like you."

Logan: "I am sick and tired of this stupid house!"

Camryn: "Oh, really? My mom's from Simfrica! Which, I guess, makes me Simfrican-Simerican. My dad's working in the Simhamas right now, actually."

Kiara: "That's awesome! I'm Simspanic, I think. I've heard that Charlotte has a bit of Simwegian in her blood! And that Carlton is from the Simhamas, and Donovan has already told me he's half Simgyptian. Krysta is part Simtalian, and then Stephen is Simrish. Leaving Logan as the only Simerican here."

Camryn: "That's awesome! We've got people from all over!"

Kiara: Geez, I've been snooping around...

Carlton: "So, do you get it? It's hilarious, right?"

Camryn: "I don't know. I'm trying to be an emotionless being right now. Being the black sim really takes the life out of you."

Carlton: "Okay then... But do you get it?"

Krysta; "Hey Kiara, did you see that new post from the famous model company, National Sim Beauties? One of the girls is entering for Miss USA!"

Kiara: "That's great, Krysta. Hey, do you know who did this to the sink? I'm ready to punch them."

Krysta; "Oh, no, sorry Ki! Oh, she is so going to win..."

Krysta: "Umm, hello, nerdy geeks? Mind talking to me? I'm lonely!"

Stephen: "Nope, there's a new Joshsepticeye video I've got to watch. We have the same color hair, you know. And we're both Simrish."

Logan: "Sorry girl. I'm watching a Maxiplier video. I haven't seen one in ages."

Krysta: "Whatever. Charlotte will talk to me."

Krysta: "Hey Char! Those boys are way too into their phones, don't you think? They wouldn't even talk to me!"

Charlotte: "Shh, I'm trying to watch a new Pooterpie video. This guy is hilarious!"

Krysta: "God, I'm so done here. Maybe one of these three will get eliminated..."

Charlotte: "Oh my gosh! He just got the scare of his life!"

Krysta: "Why did I ever have hope in this..."

Camryn: "Are you okay Logan?"

Logan: "Yeah, I'm just feeling a little depressed. I didn't even have the energy to cook, so I got some tap water."

Camryn: "I know how you feel, bud."

Charlotte: "I know it's crazy, but hear me out Krys."

Krysta: "Okay then, you silly bean."

Charlotte: "What if we became models?"

Krysta; "Head out of the clouds, Char."

Charlotte: "Whatever, just letting my imagination roam."

Krysta: "But, I mean, we would be pretty good..."

Krysta; "Ooh! A new update from Simtoria's Secret..."

Charlotte: Are you kidding me? Geez, I thought I was valued.

Camryn: "Could those two just shut up? I want to eat my chips and salsa in peace."

Krysta: "Oh, and by the way, Cam, that's a huge bowl of salsa. Is that really all for yourself?"

Camryn: "I'm done with this place."

Krysta: "So, that's why I dyed my hair purple!"

Donovan: "Oh lord, that's so not a good reason."

Kiara: "What did I just hear?"

Stephen: "Yeah, cool, but look at the quality of what I just made! It's incredible!"

Logan: "Yeah, and my older brother almost got arrested!"

Krysta: "Oh really?"

Charlotte: "Haha, my older brother almost got arrested once too!"

Krysta: "I don't believe it."

Charlotte: "I think I've told you, though."

So, my simmies, it's Big Brother here again.

All: "Hi Big Brother."

Today is where we crown the HoH and have-nots. As you all may have known, the challenge this week was an athletic challenge.

All: *nod*

So, elimination is tomorrow, so today is a free day where you all get to build relationships before elimination tomorrow.

All: "Okay."

And, the HoH is...

Mr. Logan Perales!

Logan: "Yeah! So, I get to pick two people to be have-nots, right?"

That is correct Mr. Perales.

Logan: "Very well then, I choose.."

Logan: "I choose Carlton and Charlotte."

Charlotte: "Hmph. Bad move, Logan."

Carlton: "Ugh, so that means I get the crappy bedroom because I don't like this looser."

Precisely, Carlton. Now, you two need to get working on the house!

Both: "Huh?"

You heard Big Brother. Get repairing and mopping, lady and gentleman.

And, that wraps up our show for the day! Keep listening for more drama! Who will get eliminated? Will it be Charlotte or Carlton? All will be revealed in the next episode! This is your host, Cinnamon, saying goodnight everyone.